What are ready-to-finish homes?

What are ready-to-finish homes?

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Nearly 80% of us want to become a homeowner one day: a house or an apartment is a sustainable investment and a heritage that we can pass on. Only, it is also a financial investment ... Fortunately to help us, there is the ready-to-finish, a device that allows us to save around 30% on a traditional house, provided you participate in its completion . Explanations.

Ready-to-finish: the future owner at the heart of his project

In fact, in order to help reluctants to become owners, a builder / property developer had the ingenious idea of ​​creating the "ready-to-finish", a real revolution in the world of construction since 1983. The organization has to make the property accessible to as many people as possible by placing the buyer at the heart of his own approach and actor of his dream. The idea is simple: offer traditional houses designed by architects and built by building professionals, cheaper than those of its competitors, without compromising on quality and the latest advances in innovation, research and development. Since then, many builders / developers have offered this formula on the real estate market.

The second work finalized by the owner on the model of the kit

Thanks to a set of kits, the new owner completes the second work of the house by following the instructions in the detailed and illustrated instructions, or even by being coached by craftsmen. Depending on your skill level in DIY, it will be the layout and decoration (interior carpentry, electricity, plumbing, heating), finishing and decoration work (interior carpentry, sanitary equipment, painting of the facade) or only decoration works. With this construction concept, you realize up to 30% savings compared to a traditional house and this gives you the opportunity, if you wish, to benefit from additional capital for the interior of your house. or the acquisition of land more in line with your expectations.

8 architectural models of houses

The builder supports you in the search for land and also offers you assistance to facilitate administrative procedures with a view to obtaining a building permit. Significant asset, the organization offers a range of 8 architectural models, adaptable to all types of terrain and regions, available in 3, 4 or 5 pieces that adapt perfectly to the different landscapes and traditions of each region, all by offering modernity and the quality of the latest materials (partnership with EDF Bleu Ciel, in order to systematically obtain the HPE and THPE or BBC label). Useful information >>>


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