Live chat on Dolce Vita Gaz de France to save energy

Live chat on Dolce Vita Gaz de France to save energy

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How to save energy on a daily basis? Here is the theme of the next Chat which will take place live on Thursday May 27 at 5 p.m. on Simon Cascarano, eco-efficiency engineer from the Research and Innovation Department of GDF SUEZ, will respond directly to your questions and deliver simple tips and advice to save energy on a daily basis. Ask your questions now by registering on

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Heating, hot water, lighting and electrical appliances are the main energy expenses in the home. Discover 4 simple actions that will allow you to reduce your expenses and commit yourself to the environment on a daily basis. 1- Each additional degree in the house increases energy consumption by 7 to 11%. The energy response: by adapting the temperature of each room to your activities, you will limit your energy consumption. 2- The ideal temperature for your hot water tank should be 60 ° C. The energy response: have it checked because a higher temperature makes you consume more energy. 3- A halogen lamp in the living room consumes as much energy as two washing machines. The energy response: by replacing one bulb in three with compact fluorescent bulbs, you will reduce your consumption of lighting by 80%. 4- You are reluctant to put your electrical devices on standby because you think you will turn them off completely. The energy response: use a multiple outlet with a switch to easily turn off all your devices and no longer consume power.