Wedding: what decoration for a secular ceremony?

Wedding: what decoration for a secular ceremony?

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Because it offers many advantages, the secular ceremony has more and more followers. It must be said, it adds a spiritual dimension to civic marriage. And when we are not religious, it allows us to highlight this symbolic union. Like religious weddings where the place of worship has an important role in the atmosphere of marriage, the secular ceremony allows you to create your own universe through decoration. To find inspiration, discover our best decor ideas to celebrate the happiest day of your life!

1. The ark

© Elixirphotos Symbolizing the altar, the ark is the most essential element of a secular ceremony. And for good reason, this is where you will say the most important "yes" of your life! Since this is the place where everything is going to happen, the center of attention of this extraordinary day, you should not neglect it! Whatever its shape, it provides a setting and sets the tone for your wedding. If you are relatively classical, the ark remains the most frequent example. To decorate it, all means are good: flowers and plants, macramé and dream catcher, lace and ribbons, pennants and pompoms ... And if you want to see it big, nothing prevents you from installing an arbor and Customize it to your taste. For those who want to think outside the box, why not imagine an arch your way? Fans of the vintage style can, for example, use an old door or customized stepladders to define this space. As for fans of natural decoration, they can imagine an arch using a wooden branch. Again, just decorate it to give it character. Finally, bohemian souls can use a teepee as an altar. And to give your reception a rustic air, how about using a swing to sit in front of the officiant? Guaranteed effect…

2. The decoration of the aisle

© Elizabeth Messina To make your way to the altar, decorating the aisle is very important! This is where the bride will find her way to join her future husband. So, to honor its passage and mark the spirits, there are many solutions. Among them, the flowerbed of flower petals seems to be the most romantic decorating tip. Choose flowers of the same hues as your wedding theme. Scatter them on the ground and voila! If you are detail-oriented, you can even have fun creating a nice gradient of colors. Tidy or mixed, the flowers will always have their best effect! As for the choice of varieties, bet on roses if you are more conventional or adapt your decoration to your theme. We imagine for example lavender for a provincial wedding ... Although flowers are required during a wedding, you can also mark out the aisle with other decorative elements. Indeed, the chairs closest to the aisle can be customized using pompoms or balloons. Fans of exotic decoration can also place pineapples or cacti at the feet of the chairs. Finally, your driveway can be delimited using carpets. Accumulate rugs with variegated patterns for a bohemian atmosphere or prefer a custom-made hallway carpet for a more chic look. Still on the ground, you can have fun using stencils to bomb the ground (whether gravel, grass or something else ...). You understood, it is enough to show imagination to arrange the alley which will take you to the altar!

3. The foundations

© Ryan Ray Photography After the arch and the central alley, make way for the seats! In order for your guests to take a seat and enjoy your ceremony, you must consider suitable seating. For an elegant wedding, choose chairs dressed in ribbons or flowers (again and always)! Prefer mismatched chairs for a more modern look. But there are more than just chairs to make your guests sit down: school benches can give a retro look to your ceremony while vintage armchairs will appeal to vintage decor enthusiasts. For a relaxed atmosphere and a mini budget, you can choose beanbags (provided that your ceremony does not last too long because let's be clear, it's not what is most comfortable)! In the same way, if you want to make an impression, you can opt for floor cushions (especially if you are getting married on the beach or in the middle of nature)! Of course, not everyone is able to sit on the floor for hours (especially the elderly), so it all depends on your guests and the length of your ceremony! Are you dreaming of a bucolic spirit wedding? Swap the chairs for hay bales or even wooden trunks! Remember to have plaids and small blankets so that your guests can sit without damaging their outfits ...

4. Details that make all the difference…

© Photo: Emma Keech We have just listed the essential decorative elements. But as we told you, above, a secular ceremony guarantees you total freedom. So indulge yourself for the rest of the decor! Anyway, the weather being the guarantor of your ceremony, you must be able to adapt. When the night comes up, you should plan for lighting, especially if you decide to stay outside for the evening. Hang lanterns from tree branches, install light garlands here and there, add candles and candlesticks on the tables and plan a brazier to warm you up. What create a magical and poetic atmosphere ... It could be very hot? Provide umbrellas and straw hats that you can make available in a nice rattan basket at the entrance of the premises. You can also have the fans with the ceremonial booklets on the chairs. To go further, you can offer sunglasses to your guests! Choose two or three different colors so that everyone can choose a model according to their outfit. Not only can it be useful, but it will also be a good memory. One thing is certain, your guests will take part in the game ... And if you want to give an offbeat air to your secular ceremony, how about flip-flops (or sneakers)? Ideal for a beach wedding (but not only), this most original idea will not go unnoticed! With flip-flops, say hello to comfort and say goodbye to light bulbs! Your friends in heels will say thank you at the end of the evening ... The forecasts are fresher than expected? If you are getting married outside and the heat is not there, swap the parasols for umbrellas and the sunglasses for plaids and blankets. It sounds simple but it is these kind of little attentions that will make all the difference… Anyway, think of a rescue plan if the weather is capricious for the best day of your life! Tent, annex or indoor room… You must find a fallback solution.


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