Space-saving stairs for small spaces

Space-saving stairs for small spaces

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Indispensable when you have a multi-storey dwelling, the staircase often takes up a lot of space. This is why manufacturers are working to minimize the use of staircase space with different models. Christian Arnoult, director of communication and marketing development at Echelle Européenne helps us to see more clearly.

The different categories of space-saving stairs

We can distinguish the spiral or spiral staircase, much appreciated for its aesthetic side and which must be chosen according to the floor space. The modular staircase allows the staircase to take the shape you want and therefore minimize the congested space. The staircase with staggered or Japanese steps is one of the stairs that takes up the least space. As its name suggests, each step is reduced by half to the right side then to the left side ... which forces a step step shift. This type of staircase is however less comfortable in terms of walking (for a maximum height of 2.50m) than the more traditional models. Finally there are retractable ladders or stairs, rather reserved for access to the attic.

Space-saving stair materials

There is wood for traditional stairs but also metal, stainless steel and glass. Glass and stainless steel are currently very popular but also more expensive. Glass has the other advantage that it visually saves space, unlike metal, stainless steel and wood.

Space saving stair prices

The cheapest staircase is of course the retractable staircase or ladder. Next comes the staircase with staggered steps which can be found from 700 euros at Lapeyre and around 1500 euros at the European Scale for example. Finally the helical and modular staircases have prices which vary according to the materials, the configuration adopted (for the modular staircase) of the height ground to ground… Finally certain staircases are sold in kit at the European scale for example to average 1300 euros. Some addresses to find a space saving staircase European scale Lapeyre Leroy Merlin Castorama