15 atmospheres for lounging on your terrace, your balcony or in your garden

15 atmospheres for lounging on your terrace, your balcony or in your garden

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In the garden also it is advisable to create atmospheres in order to feel good there. It is not always easy to find the atmosphere that will go with your garden furniture. Here are some tips and a selection to inspire you! Romantic, designer or exotic ambiance, it's up to you to create the ambiance you want and which will be in keeping with your garden furniture. For a romantic atmosphere, nothing better than the wrought iron furniture and its scrolls. It will revive the charm of yesteryear in a garden with lush vegetation. On the design side, we will prefer dark wenge wood and trendy woven resin living rooms this season for a guaranteed lounge spirit. This type of furniture is ideal for uncluttered gardens or for relaxing by the pool. Finally to escape thanks to an exotic atmosphere, the preference will go to teak but you can also choose a living room in woven resin that you will decorate with colorful accessories like orange cushions for example. It's your turn !


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