Getting rid of fabric scraps: a mistake to avoid when decorating!

Getting rid of fabric scraps: a mistake to avoid when decorating!

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Whether you are a sewing follower or not, it is common to have at home, scraps of fabric that you hurry, too hastily to throw. Faced with the justified fear that they would never be useful, we do not have much to blame ourselves for. And yet, the end of the story proves the opposite. Dress up a chair, personalize storage, improvise a unique sheer curtain: sometimes simple pieces of fabric are enough to transform the decor. And we will prove it to you!

Scraps of fabric to dress up furniture

Have you never thought of textiles to give a piece of furniture a second life? Pity. Because with special fabric glue, it's easy to revamp the doors of a chest of drawers or the front of a shelf! We can also give a new style to the seats (chairs and stools) indoor or outdoor. It is enough to wrap around their feet and / or their back, strips of stylized fabrics, or even to tie, on the back of the chairs, a pretty knot that will surely impress the guests.

Scraps of fabric to customize accessories

Another express makeover based on textiles: that of decoration accessories. Thus, by wrapping strips of fabric around a plant pot or around old frames, we refurbish them (or we assign them a style) in two steps three movements, without even having to spend a single penny. Lighting also has everything to gain. By dressing, at first, the framework of a reclaimed chandelier, it's easy to create a purely decorative and truly original pendant light. Using a special fabric glue, the lampshades will in turn look like new. It remains to choose the textile that we will adopt to cover them in their entirety!

Scraps of fabric to improvise tablecloth, curtains and sheers

The usefulness of scraps of recovered tissue is not limited to simple strips. Indeed, the widest falls can be diverted into an extra curtain, sheer curtain and even a tablecloth. For example, you can swap the old door of a closet for a linen veil printed with patterns, or use it to hide unsightly storage shelves in the living room. Another possibility: divert these generous fabric scraps into the canopy (for children or adults), into canopies for a four-poster bed or even as an extra tablecloth, whether indoor or outdoor!

Scraps of fabric to differentiate the storage

Finally, if you tend to accumulate collections of boxes, boxes, bins, baskets and storage baskets, then necessarily, look for an object in one of them (which is like looking for a needle in a haystack) is familiar to you. To remedy this, nothing like patterned fabric strips! Knotted on each storage space, they make it possible to differentiate them from each other in style. A simple but pretty and effective tip! Need illustrated inspirations? Discover all of our textile and image-based recovery ideas: HERE!