Enhance the exterior of your home to sell it well

Enhance the exterior of your home to sell it well

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Stéphane Plaza's book is to be won until March 21 on. Play fast! The exterior of the house is obviously what the visitor sees first. Also, this place of passage must be treated with as much attention as the interior. Also, remember that many visitors almost always do a preliminary "tour" without notifying you. They come at the same time to appreciate the assets of the district and to check the state of your garden or your building.

Garden or terrace

Your house has a garden and / or a terrace. These two types of place are made for a good time, in a relaxed atmosphere. Your visitor will immediately imagine himself, his family and friends taking the air in fine weather for breakfast, meals, a barbecue, an aperitif, during small or large parties that he wish memorable. You have to make room for it: sort out what may be lying around, then put away or throw away what is clogging up these parts. Then, thoroughly clean everything that needs to be cleaned up and embellish where necessary, because you need to give an immediate impression of cleanliness and harmony. Avoid decorative details that are too personal and that might give your visitor the impression of being too much, preventing them from starting to feel at home.

In a town house

If you live in a townhouse-style house where the entrance to your house overlooks a private courtyard, you should not neglect it. Every detail counts. For example, check that the exterior light is working properly, that your doorbell is still in working order. If the entrance to your house is neglected, the visitor will think that the interior is just as neglected. Consider cleaning the exterior floor with soapy water. If your doormat is in very bad shape, maybe it's time to change it. Your marquee is damaged, it may not be necessary to redo it completely. Remember to change any broken tiles, to clean the others, as well as the metal structure (molds can come to these places). Finally, give it a little black paint (special paint for metal and exterior), your marquee will look like new. To complete the enhancement of the exterior entrance to your home, brighten it up with colorful planters and plants to mark the memory of your visitor!

A clean garden

Are your plantations in good shape? If you've been negligent, you're going to have to make up for lost time and repair the damage. In case you do not have a green thumb, consult a loved one who is knowledgeable or call a professional. Perhaps it will be necessary to uproot dead plants, cut shrubs or a tree in poor condition. Few potential buyers appreciate abandoned gardens! You will then need to reintroduce at least a few plantings to brighten up your green space.

A regularly maintained garden

Well done ! Mow the lawn, prune your plantations, collect the wild grasses that grow between your pavements or walkways, check the condition of your flower beds and your vegetable patch if you have them. During the visit, it will be of the best effect that one can admire your magnificent roses or your lavish salads. The puny flowers and vegetables must therefore be uprooted. Pick up dead leaves, various debris that you may have left behind during your gardening work. Store the tools in a well-ordered location, clear the ground of useful but unsightly elements that you are used to. For example, an old rusty basin that collects rainwater. More generally, inspect your garden to hunt for anything that might shock. An old used garden hose, a pile of gravel, a broken garden gnome, forgotten toys, etc. Avoid installing decorative elements with an overly pronounced character such as the famous garden gnome.

Weeding "Weeds" have grown between your pavements or on your gravel paths. They give the impression of carelessness that must be made to disappear. By hand or with small gardening tools, you can get rid of it very quickly if the surfaces are very small, taking care not to leave their roots in the ground. To clean larger spaces, it is necessary to employ more means. These tips are taken from Stéphane Plaza's book (House for sale on M6): Enhance and optimize your accommodation. In this book, thanks to home staging, discover all the recommendations, tips and tricks to quickly and easily revamp and enhance your living space and make future owners want to buy your house or apartment. In bookstores from March 3 © 2010, Hachette Livre (Hachette Pratique) - M6 Éditions


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