How to maintain and clean a firewall?

How to maintain and clean a firewall?

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Firewalls require a minimum of maintenance if you want to keep them for a long time. Laurence Faure, product creation manager at Le Marquier, gives us advice on how to clean and maintain the different types of firewalls. Interview by Caroline Delman

What are the different categories of firewalls?

I can distinguish five: glass, brushed iron, stainless steel, varnished bronze firewalls and painted firewalls.

How to clean and maintain these different firewalls?

The glass firewall is generally not very dirty because it is not intended to be in the hearth but well back. To clean it, it suffices to use the products that are used for the insert panes. For the varnished iron firewall, first dust and sand the varnish with stainless steel wool for example. Then just iron a layer of varnish. Regarding bronze firewalls, we dust the firewall and then clean it either with a Miror type product, or with white of Spain diluted in a little water. Stainless steel firewalls must not be scratched or scratched. Use a special stainless steel product and clean with a soft cloth. Finally for painted firewalls, just strip them, then repaint them.

How to clean a firewall grille?

First of all, dust the grid with a wire brush. Then we protect the outline of the firewall with strips of paper for example. The grid can be treated with a rust limiter (available in large areas). Finally we pass a spray paint (gray or black depending on taste) special high temperature.

How to maintain your firewall?

Especially oxidizable firewalls must be maintained. As soon as you see a rust spot appear, treat the entire surface with an anti-rust product. Because if you leave the rust stain, it quickly spreads throughout the firewall.