Gas fireplaces: how does it work?

Gas fireplaces: how does it work?

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Like wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces offer pretty yellow flames dancing in their homes. True secure heating means, their efficiency is higher than 70%.

They offer more advantages than a wood fireplace: no wood to buy, take away or store. The fire is immediate, and does not create ashes.

Their modern design, less imposing than a traditional fireplace, is attracting more and more owners.

What is a gas fireplace made of?

The device itself is made of a steel box fitted with a burner, a solenoid valve box which regulates the pressure of the gas to the burner, a receiver which is used for ignition. The device is connected to a casing for the evacuation of smoke, and provided with a covering to make it decorative.

How does a gas fireplace work?

A gas fireplace works either with city gas in tanks or with propane gas in bottles. Most of the time, these are closed fireplaces. They are preferably installed in individual houses. In a building, the agreement of the condominium is required.

Do I need a chimney flue to install a gas fireplace?

Not necessarily. We can install a "suction cup" system: one pipe serves as an air inlet and the other evacuates the fumes. This evacuation system can be mounted up to 7 or 8 meters high without problem. To bend the suction cup, you must mount at least 1.50 m above the fireplace.

Does the installation of a gas fireplace require work?

You just need to drill the outside wall to install the tubing.

Who installs gas fireplaces?

It is the pathologist (or chimney seller) who installs the appliance, the casing and the cladding. A Qualigaz approved installer who connects the gas to the appliance.

Can gas fireplaces be dangerous?

No, as long as you buy a quality device. This is why you should favor chimneys bearing the "Din Plus" standard. It is a very strict German standard.

What are the advantages of a gas fireplace?

We have no wood to store. There are no ashes. The chimney is started instantly, most often using a remote control. You can program your chimney over 7 or even 17 days. The fireplace is equipped with a thermostat. You can mount the flame from 1 cm to 16 cm high: the higher the flame, the more it heats.

What are the limits of a gas fireplace?

You can't grill there. There is neither the smell of wood nor the crackling of the fire.

Are there different designs of gas fireplaces?

Yes, and there is something for everyone. There are rustic models but also ultra design models. The trend is towards 16 / 9th horizontal hearths, very refined. In the fireplace, depending on the desired visual effect, you can place pebbles (small or large), pieces of crushed glass transparent or in color, or even false ceramic logs.

How do you maintain your gas fireplace?

Cleaning the burner once a year is sufficient. A plumber or installer must be called, who must be Qualigaz qualified.

Do gas fireplaces benefit from a tax credit?

Although they heat very well, they do not benefit from the tax credit because gas is not a renewable energy.

What is the price of a gas fireplace?

You have to count a minimum of 2000 € and this can go up to 7000 €. The average price is around 4000 to 5500 € for a product that meets standards. Note that the warranty goes from 2 years and up to 7 years for the best brands.


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