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My Santa list

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Dear Santa Claus, Like every year, I grow and my tastes change… I don't want any more dolls or url @ auto @ = // but I would like to redecorate my room ! That's why I need your help. First of all, I would like to separate my room into two parts: - A work space, where I would need an office, I spotted one at Ikea, "Apolo Minister", and for all that is pens, sheets, I'll manage. - A relaxation area, to be able to ask myself when I come back from college, and invite my friends. So I ask you for a sofa bed from Fly, to make it easier when friends come to sleep with me, and always at Fly, an ottoman to avoid sitting on the floor. But of course in a room, we must not forget the decor! I would like 2 stickers, the bust of the statue of liberty, and the writing: New York. To give space to the room, a customizable writing mirror, and for the light, a Longbow (Fly) floor lamp. And here is my list is finished! I almost forgot one very important thing: a hairdresser! because if the room is pretty, it must be too !!! I trust you to find me all that ... Thank you in advance!


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