How to set up a relaxation corner in your garden?

How to set up a relaxation corner in your garden?

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Summer has just started, it's official! And even if the holidays are not quite there yet, floats in the gentle air as an invitation to relax ... The evenings that are getting longer, the sweet scent of flowers, and the song of birds make you want to go on in the garden. If the great barbecue ball has already started, we have not yet found the ideal opportunity for a little moment of relaxation just to yourself. Basking in the sun, swinging in the hammock, bubbling in the shade of the trellis with a book in hand ... Allowing yourself a moment of relaxation to recharge your batteries is also starting off with a better start for the rest of the day. And for that, nothing like a pleasant relaxation corner in the freshness of its garden! Without further ado, make way for a few tips to transform your exterior into a delicious cocoon of greenery, comfortable and relaxing.

Armchairs for a good sunbathing

© Nalles House / Gandiablasco To fill up on vitamin D, nothing like a good sun cure! So we start by adopting good armchairs , the story of a relaxed tan. But how do you choose the right seats? In reality, it all depends on your habits! For a reading break, you can opt for a Chilean , flexible and easy to carry according to his desires. Some even offer a small integrated cushion, perfect for resting your head. The armchair type “acapulco ”, with its colorful straps, is also a very good choice, combining both design look and optimal ventilation . If you are looking for a moment of relaxation with your family, you opt for pretty benches soft and comfortable! The good idea: make your own garden furniture out of pallet wood … Economical and flexible as you wish!

© Broste Copenhagen / Jardiland If you are rather looking for absolute relaxation, why not set your sights on a deck chair ? Long legs and semi-raised bust, we finally enjoy a little serenity! Unless we prefer to share a moment of rest alongside the chosen one (s) of our heart? In this case, it will definitely be a double armchair , to share with your partner! Arranged next to it, we think of providing a small coffee table so you always have sunscreen and cold drinks on hand.

A little shade to rest

© Maisons du Monde Even if we like to bask in everything on our deckchair, watch out for burns … A sunburn quickly arrived! For the hottest hours, there is a small shade in the garden. If you don't have a tree to protect yourself, there are many forms of umbrellas . Round, square, rectangular, mini size, classic or offset ... There is necessarily one that is suitable for the configuration of your space. Be careful however to choose quality material: the canvas must be able to protect you from UV… Otherwise, beware of redness! In this regard, we generally prefer theacrylic polyester for better durability, 200g / m2 minimum thickness .

© Leroy Merlin In the same vein, today we find pretty sails of colorful shading to hang . Easy to install and even sometimes washable, they give a colorful accent to the garden. Why not match them with the patterns of his cushions?

A vegetable parenthesis to slip away

© Beatrice Banks / Chic Neverland In order to disconnect well, staying out of the house is out of the question. We take care to install our relaxation area away from the hassle of everyday life, surrounded by nature . For budding gardeners, nothing like play with vegetation to surround yourself with freshness. If you don't have a weeping willow to shelter from the sun, a simple trellis and some climbing plants are enough to create a pleasant and refreshing vegetable arbor. A honeysuckle or a wisteria on an old wrought iron kiosk, a vine or a rosebush on a romantic gazebo ... Perfect for getting away for a well-deserved break! And to take advantage of a break in the countryside without sacrificing your tan? Rest assured, there are always solutions! For a more wild look, we are moving towards a small wooden terrace surrounded by grasses of different sizes. Pampas herbs, miscanthus and canes of Provence will help you gain height. Perfect for resting peacefully, while sheltering from prying eyes.

A hammock for a nap

© Leslie Santarina / Hamanica on Etsy When we talk about hammock, the first idea that comes to us is that of the holidays. But if you do not necessarily have coconut trees in your garden, it is not prohibited to make a similar installation! Especially since today there are standing hammocks as comfortable as design. Rather practical if you don't have trees in your garden. In the same spirit, the hammock chair is particularly suitable for reading.

© Dedon If we like to swing , there are also other facilities to let yourself be lulled by the mild summer. We no longer present the lounger , a classic appreciated by those who like to punctuate their discussions with a pendulum movement. Its forms have evolved towards more modern lines, for our greatest pleasure. And if we fell for a armchair hanging like a cocoon ? There are now in all styles and for all budgets, so why deprive yourself?

Cushions for optimal comfort

© Un Beau Jour / Pinterest If you have a bohemian spirit, why not free yourself from the furniture? No need to rob the stores for a little relaxation corner of your own. Beautiful outdoor rugs and a few large, soft cushions sometimes enough to help us release the pressure! We will just make sure to choose washable covers for more ease of maintenance. And for the nomads of the garden 2.0, there are even cushions to fill with air in the blink of an eye. Royal to improvise a comfortable break in less time than it takes to say it!

A beautiful decoration for the pleasure of the eyes

© Pinterest / Zsazsa Bellagio / John & Joseph Photography What would be a relaxation corner worthy of the name without a nice decoration? To give cachet to your well-being space, we don't hesitate to release the big game! Sculptures, small fountain, handcrafted chime, birdhouses or pretty terracotta pots… So many small details that will help set the scene. We are trying in particular to maintain consistency with the style of our garden furniture : natural materials, metals, colored materials ... Be careful not to spread too much.

© West Elm / Cyrillus Finally, for hot summer evenings, we do not forget to work on its lighting! The ideal, first of all, is to delimit the area using light beacons . Practical and inexpensive, they run on solar energy . For a bohemian and festive atmosphere, we choose without hesitation tavern garland . In terms of colors we generally recommend a warm white lighting , more user-friendly. For a minimalist and resolutely modern style, we prefer balls and other bright flower pots . With all that, you will be at the forefront of the shooting stars night! Now that you know everything, all you have to do now is compose your little corner of greenery… As the proverb says, “Nature begins, and art perfects”… So to enjoy your summer serenely, don't wait more !