A warm decor thanks to the tweed!

A warm decor thanks to the tweed!

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As winter approaches, it's high time to warm up your interior! The good idea of ​​the season: tweed. Contrary to popular belief, tweed is no longer the height of good chic good genre, it is now very trendy. As proof, the many decorative tweed items from our shopping. Chic and modern, tweed makes a remarkable entry this season into the world of decoration. Little reminder, on this wool fabric widely used in fashion. Generally of two colors, tweed is a coarse, irregular fabric, of soft texture, flexible resembling a spun woven, but generally woven. It is made of carded wool fabric, canvas or twill weave, sometimes herringbone. The discreet color effects are obtained by interweaving woolen threads of different colors in 2 or 3-strand strands. The advantage of tweed is that it is made to last. Thus, it is ideal for sofas or even curtains. There are also many decorative tweed items to discover in our selection.


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