Two tubs for quirky bathrooms!

Two tubs for quirky bathrooms!

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Do you have a bathroom full of nooks and crannies? Or a mini version bathroom? or a bathroom with hanging walls? Allia has designed two very clever baths, sketch and Aveline, which find their place in all bathrooms, bypassing layout constraints. Our bathrooms are often far from easy to fit out, which is why the company Allia, specialist in bathroom equipment, has imagined two very practical baths that find their place almost everywhere. Esquisse and Aveline are two corner acrylic baths that we choose in right or left version to adapt to the configuration of our bathroom. The two cut sides of each of the two models allow the support on a wall while their point finish allows to free up space. These two baths are particularly suitable for bathrooms that have a hanging from the wall and for cramped bathrooms. Another advantage: these models allow easier access to the technical duct, which houses water drainage and electrical supply, than a conventional bathtub.

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Interior designer Pierre Rizkammah welcomes you to the Allia consulting area by appointment to optimize the layout of your bathroom. Espace Conseil Allia 44 rue Berger 75001 Paris Monday to Saturday 01 45 08 83 57 Filbert , corner acrylic bathtub 150x100 cm, right or left version, white, 956 euros (apron optional) Sketch , corner acrylic bathtub, 170x105 cm or 160x100 cm, right or left version, white, from € 693 optional apron)