Which Buddha to choose for my decoration?

Which Buddha to choose for my decoration?

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Symbol of zen and simplicity, the Buddha (or Buddha, because the two spellings are allowed) meets a great success in the stripped and minimalist interiors . Lying down, sitting or standing we offer you an overview of the different models available in order to choose the Buddha that perfectly matches the atmosphere you are looking for in your interior.

A meditative Buddha or on the path of truth

Sitting with his back straight, his right hand welcoming his left hand, this classic representation of the Buddha represents him meditating. An almost familiar silhouette that will easily find its place in a sleek living room or a room inviting to relax. Cross-legged with your hands on your knees, Buddha contemplating the truth will find its place in your interior as well.

Teacher or awake for the children's room

Curiosity and discovery, these are many words from childhood. Standing, thumb and index finger forming a circle, Buddha in the teaching position will make a teacher of choice to keep your children's curiosity aroused. You can also opt for a seated Buddha with the right hand touching the ground. In this position, Buddha leads you to enlightenment. For more agitated atmospheres, one will prefer a seated Buddha, the right hand open and raised and the left resting on his knee palm towards the sky, to call for the appeasement of the conflicts.

A reclining Buddha to achieve ecstasy

Lying on his back, Buddha is swimming in the middle of Nirvana: a representation of the spiritual master who invites you to detach yourself from material problems and to contemplate the happiness that dwells in your interior. Take advantage of our selection of Buddhas to inspire you and find the way of wisdom.