Turn your balcony into a corner of paradise

Turn your balcony into a corner of paradise

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Relaxing on a balcony or terrace is possible. To make your little outdoor area a haven of peace and rest, follow the guide!

Greenery, greenery, greenery!

Bamboos, boxwood, potted plants ... whether you are facing south or north, on the first or last floor of your building, on the courtyard or on the street, there is a green solution adapted to your balcony. No need to have a green thumb to have beautiful plants: hardy perennials and flowers require little maintenance for a stunning result. For a flowered balcony, even far from the sun, think geraniums or primroses: many varieties exist for all tastes. However, avoid overly large, unwieldy planters and prefer small pots, which are easy to arrange and replace. Aesthetic, the balcony can be practical: plant aromatic herbs. Mint, basil, chives, dill… so many flavors in easy-care jars to add an extra touch of freshness to your dishes! The more patient can plant some fruit or vegetables there: tomatoes or potatoes are relatively simple to care for and will easily yield good crops. With a little patience you could even harvest salads soon.

Inviting furniture to rest

Read, rest, have a drink, the balcony is a place to relax. To make the most of it, install some garden furniture. If you have little space, choose folding furniture that will allow you to free up space easily. For optimal rendering and visual harmony, be sure to match the materials with the environment. Wooden furniture will marry perfectly with lush or ethnic vegetation, plastic for a design atmosphere, wrought iron for a retro atmosphere ... To not find yourself eye to eye with your neighbors and take full advantage of your moments of relax, isolate yourself by installing a privacy screen on the railing of your balcony. You can now relax. Finally, if you have neither the time nor the ideas to arrange your balcony, specialists offer their services for an effortless arrangement. > More information on: