Tell me who you are, I'll tell you what your painting is!

Tell me who you are, I'll tell you what your painting is!

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You need to paint a wall and you don't know which paint to choose, why not choose it according to your personality? Do you think about ecology? the quality of the paint? how much time will you spend on it? or your savings? Here are four different paintings to match with his character: I am green : Dulux Valentine, paint cream, walls and ceilings The rate of VOC (volatile organic compound) is one of the lowest on the market with 0.9g / liter announced. Ideal for those for whom ecology and the environment are a priority. I'm in a hurry : Astral, Bright, walls and ceilings A paint that dries quickly, around 13 minutes after application when certain paints need about twenty minutes. I am thrifty : Colors, Contemporary trend, bedroom and living room This painting is distinguished by its low price and its cost price, among the lowest on the market. I am a perfectionist : Dulux Valentine, Ultra resist, cuisine A high-performance, adherent paint, resistant to rubbing and washing, to be recommended for those whose quality takes precedence over the rest.


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