5 ideas to enhance your peephole

5 ideas to enhance your peephole

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The term peephole designates a small opening in the door that allows you to see without being seen. This optical device with lenses thus betrays the relationship between two people since the person observed cannot know it, hence the name peephole, direct reference to the Bible. An integral part of your door, make it a decorative element! Here are five ideas for showcasing it:


It was the Friends series that popularized this idea of ​​framing the door peephole. Any frame will do, just hang it on the door and voila.

The theater curtain

Dramatize this object ally of curiosity thanks to a small red curtain. Just take a small rod (cut there if necessary) that you will place above the peephole. Place two small red theater-style curtains (also cut yourself) at each end and tighten them in the middle with a knot.

The secret peephole

Hide the vice to better highlight it: lock it in a key box from which you will have removed the bottom. Attach the bottomless box around the peephole and no one will know what it is hiding inside.

Integration into a decor

Choose a poster or sticker in which you can cut a round the size of the peephole while trying to integrate it into the decor. Make sure you can center the poster. For example, replacing the eye of a character, the heart of a flower or any element that could be confused with "the eye of the door".


Finally, if you are not afraid of painting, first draw in pencil a large spiral of which the peephole will be the center and iron over it with a black brush. Here is a hypnotic peephole that will enhance your door. Judah stickers at 15 euros


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