The Sakatri, a new shopping bag to sort your waste

The Sakatri, a new shopping bag to sort your waste

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To help you see more clearly, here is the ideal bag for your selective sorting at home. Whether you are alone or with family, this new bag is specially compartmentalized to guide you in your sorting. Practical, the Sakatri is specially designed for your selective sorting. With a dimension of 52 x 32 x h35 cm, it sneaks into any closet and with its 9 interior compartments , it has been designed for an average consumption of one week of recyclable waste. So you can throw around 7 to 8 kg, i.e. consumption of waste for a family . Easy to transport with its large bag shape and its two nylon handles, it is also very resistant since it is made with woven polypropylene canvas and covered with a protective film. It is made with 20% recycled material and it has a lifespan of 3 years. You can machine wash it at 30 °. Sold at 14 euros, The sakatri will quickly become an essential in any green interior! To locate you its capacity is equivalent to: - 7-8 0.75 l glass bottles and several jars, - 15 flat 1.5 l bottles, - aluminum trays / cans and cans - 7 daily. On sale on:,,


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