Organic solutions against invading aphids

Organic solutions against invading aphids

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They invade your roses and destroy your plants and are the gardeners' nightmare : Aphids take advantage of the beautiful days to flourish freely in your garden. So that this summer, you can enjoy your flowers and plants in peace, we offer several methods that respect the environment so that your garden no longer serves as a nest for these harmful little beasts. Do not hesitate to react and send us your impressions by participating in the forum!

Plant repellent essences

Aphids settle on the stem of plants to suck their sap. However, certain plants have the reputation of making them flee: mint, marigolds, savory are all repellent essences which should make these small predators repel.

Rotenone: a natural treatment

This natural molecule produced by certain tropical plants paralyzes the nervous system of harmful insects. This natural and formidable pesticide must still be handled with care: diffused too close to honey plants and water bodies, it could contaminate insects useful for the balance of local flora.

Ladybug larvae

Particularly greedy, ladybug larvae are an effective ally for dealing with aphids. They can devour hundreds of pests a day. They are sold in lots: count 15 euros for 80 larvae. > Buy ladybug larvae:

Coffee grounds

Its reputation as a fertilizer for roses is well established but did you know that it could allow you to fight against aphids? The coffee grounds, in effect, flee the ants, foster mothers of aphids. Place it at the base of your plants to protect them.

Soapy water

Dilute 30ml of soap or dish soap in 4 liters of water. Add 25cl of alcohol at 70 degrees. Spray everything on your plants. Before the solution dries, rinse with cold water.