Colocation: decoration tips

Colocation: decoration tips

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Sharing an apartment is not so easy! Advice from stylist Muriel Martin so that your decor also harmonizes your relationships. Popularized by the Friends series, the roommate is on the rise. In theory, this is ideal: living with others is an economic solution, avoids loneliness and develops mutual aid. In practice, the exercise requires qualities of dialogue, and compliance with certain rules. Sharing an apartment in harmony also requires decoration: furniture and colors help structure the common space and facilitate communication.

Each roommate has his own color

One of the first sources of tension that the roommates complain about comes from disorder! That of others, of course: nothing more unpleasant than dirty laundry or plates lying in the sink! To remedy this, an easy solution: that everyone adopts a color code that immediately identifies their personal belongings. Dishes, towels are immediately identifiable, which allows the owner to clean or tidy up if necessary.

A neutral and chic common space for happy roommates

Many shared apartments suffer from having neglected common space. Too bad, because the interest of this lifestyle lies precisely in the conviviality! To spend good evenings and create places where each roommate likes to meet, a good paint job is essential! Easy, economical, fun: painting allows everyone to get started and transform living room and kitchen in a weekend. In the living room, it is better to create two or three spaces: a white or gray corner, or white and black striped where sofas and coffee tables of all styles will find their place. And a more intimate corner - painted in plum or chocolate - for the evening or to install the sound system, musical instruments, a bar. To delimit the spaces, also think of the large stickers.

A trendy roommate with stylish furniture

The colocation does not oblige to undergo cheap or damaged furniture. You have few means? Nothing prevents you from retyping your tables, chairs, pedestal tables and armchairs yourself. A touch of metallic lacquer on a console or table, stencils on a white lead transform an antiquity without style into ultra trendy furniture.


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