Masterpieces and sculptures for rent!

Masterpieces and sculptures for rent!

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Are works of art too expensive? Why not hire them. For cautious art lovers, the art rental formula makes it possible to raise awareness, and to familiarize yourself gently with contemporary art, before investing. The concept of the art library was born in 1906 in Germany from a group of Berlin artists who undertook, during the crisis, to circulate their works among individuals through a rental system. The notion of circulation and sharing is essential. The idea was developed from the 1960s and 1970s in the Nordic countries. Art libraries are becoming tools of cultural policy. In France, on the initiative of the city of Chambéry, an art library was created in 1986. The principle of an art library is therefore similar to that of a library. Members can rent single or multiple original works (prints, photographs), to install at home or at their workplace, for a very reasonable sum and for a fixed period. At Artdeco service (, for example, you can hire a compression from César, a Jeff Koons or a Villeglé. The advantages of this borrowing solution are numerous. You can change, renew your decoration without getting tired, because contracts are short or long term. It avoids the maintenance of a permanent collection. And above all, it broadens works that would not have had the same visibility to the general public.

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