Make a kitchen console out of cardboard!

Make a kitchen console out of cardboard!

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Marie sent us a decorative step in pictures to make a cardboard kitchen console. The result is stunning ! What convince the refractory to cardboard. "This piece of furniture made in two parts is made of honeycomb cardboard, quadruple corrugated cardboard and flat cardboard. An internal structure made using non-notched crosspieces thus constituting the frame of the furniture ensures optimal resistance and final waterproofing with aquaréthane glazer protects it from possible splashing water. A tutorial is available on my website www.mariekrtonne.com for those who want to learn the basic method starting with a simple piece of furniture. Enjoy your visit and good cartonnage. "

Equipment used

- Honeycomb cardboard - Quadruple flute cardboard - Cardboard - Cutter - Gummed kraft - Glue gun - Wood glue - Ruler

The steps in pictures to make the console

To find out more about Marie's cardboard creations, visit her website: www.mariekrtonne.com