The ultimate, an artist's item for the home

The ultimate, an artist's item for the home

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When we see the growing success of the place of design in everyday life, any object is likely to become cult and acquire value over time. Artists and creators are approached by major brands in order to design ranges combining the utilitarian aspect and an artistic dimension. Any household object, utensil or room in the house is now an appropriate support, lending itself to the inspiration and imagination of artists. When they are not creating for their own brand, graphic designers and designers are called upon by major brands to produce inimitable series or unique editions. Here are some ideas gleaned to embellish your interior, without breaking the bank. In Paris, the boutiques of Decorative Arts and Beaubourg offer a sharp and frequent restocking of signed objects. The Bozea boutique in Paris also has a nice selection. The lover of beautiful things can visit the Sentou gallery and Conran Shop (to discover the creations of Tsé Tsé, in particular), or Caravan, Téo Jasmin, Serendipity, or Tourists. The Internet remains a practical tool for this treasure hunt. The designer Béatrice Tinguely offers on Coming, a wide range of original home accessories, at low prices. At, corkscrews, egg cups, drainers and other ordinary wonders are signed by Italian designers. The selection of the Creators' Site is also very attractive. The collection of is a source of happy discoveries. The wall decoration also brings a touch of art to your home. Leroy Merlin also offers stickers from the artist Miss Tic, and on, you can finally order artist stickers from Colette, the temple of trendy arty. Another address: at the LZC textile design workshop, note the silkscreens (ceramics and table linens) made by hand and numbered. Marianne Guedin's vases are between art and design. A visit is essential to La Corbeille, editor of objects. The poetic collections of Céline Wright (paper lights, vases), the Cherry on the cake (cushions, tea towels, tablecloths), or Let Lucie do (cushions, lampshades, armchairs) are to die for.

So, ready for your arty shopping?

The creators' site Celine Wright Let Lucie do Bozea Marianne Guedin Hello my cushion Atelier LZC The Cherry on the cake The basket Sentou Serendipity Caravan


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