Store your furniture in a furniture repository

Store your furniture in a furniture repository

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The choice of a furniture repository may prove to be essential when moving. It allows you to temporarily store furniture when you move from one city to another or while waiting for the delivery of a site. Rules, prices and conditions, here's what you need to know to make good use of them.

How does the furniture repository work?

The furniture repository is a space entirely dedicated to your furniture: you take your furniture there yourself or have it done by the movers. They are usually stored in wooden containers and sealed in your presence. The majority of sites that offer this service then offer 24-hour remote monitoring, or human security.

Conditions of access to your goods: furniture storage or self storage

Note that when you place your furniture in a furniture repository for a fixed period, you will not have access to it during the storage period. If you are looking for flexibility and wish to have free access, then choose self-storage, that is to say, the self-service storage unit: you can go there when you want

What is the minimum and maximum storage time?

You can store your furniture for only a few days, the time to finish the work for example or for several years or even a lifetime, if you are going abroad for example.

Container size and furniture storage dimensions

Your needs are to be assessed according to the volume of your furniture. The providers offer containers ranging from 8m2 to 50 m2. The site // gives the following estimates according to the size of your accommodation: for a studio, count a necessary volume of storage between 4.5 and 15 m3, for a 2 or 3 rooms, 12.5 to 30 m3 of storage and beyond, you may need up to 45m3 of storage volume.

The prices charged

The prices charged vary depending on whether you live in Paris or in the provinces: they are on average 50% more expensive in Paris. As an indication: a container of 12m2 and 2.50 meter high will cost you up to 550 euros in Paris and 300 euros in the provinces for storage lasting 1 month.

Which address ?

Movers traditionally offer the furniture storage activity, but more and more dedicated companies are developing and offering furniture storage and self storage. Learn more about: >