Garden: the to do list of sunny days

Garden: the to do list of sunny days

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In June, the flowers dress in their most beautiful colors, the vegetable garden is full of vegetables ready to be tasted and the fruits of the orchard are the delight of all food lovers (even birds!)! For all these reasons, there is no better time than June to enjoy your garden. But for that, no question of sitting idly by! Harvest, sowing and planting, watering and fertilizer… Here are the 10 things to do in your garden in June to see it flourish again and again!

Maintain the vegetable patch

© Bricorama Here is the long-awaited moment in the vegetable patch: the harvest. After pampering your vegetables, you will finally be able to enjoy them. Depending on the weather, you will be able to harvest:
  • garlic, shallots and white onions,
  • salads (lamb's lettuce, lettuce, oak ...)
  • some varieties of potatoes (the earliest)
  • carrots
  • artichokes
  • spinach
  • summer cabbage
  • peas
  • radish
  • radish
  • the last asparagus.
  • Good to remember : with the heat, the month of June is favorable for the development of weeds. To counter this phenomenon, weeding and hoeing are THE activities not to be missed in the vegetable garden as summer approaches! Without forgetting watering, which obviously must be more frequent with the heat! Beyond the harvest and the maintenance of your vegetable patch, the month of June is also the occasion to prepare the future harvests. You will be able to sow and plant:
    • green beans,
    • salads (lettuce, lamb's lettuce, etc.)
    • zucchini and other squash (pumpkin, pumpkin, etc.)
    • carrots,
    • radishes, endives,
    • eggplant,
    • peppers,
    • beets
    • cabbage (green cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.)
    • parsnip,
    • chard ...
    For the rest, remember to butter the peas and beans, cut the tomatoes and melons, thin the carrots, salads, beets and turnips and transplant the leeks.

    Watch the orchard

    © Photo Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash In the orchard, work remains less important than in the vegetable patch. Indeed, there is not much to do for your fruit trees in June except that they must be preserved from possible diseases. In this sense, you should regularly check if your trees do not show unusual marks. And to protect them from the gluttony of birds, consider using protective nets! The good news ? The month of June is synonymous with maturity for most red fruits such as cherries or raspberries! Fruity pies and homemade jams…

    Treat the flowers

    © Pixabay In June, flowers brighten up all the gardens. And even if it is pleasant to sit in your garden to admire them, this is not a reason to do nothing. In June, there is still time to plant the annuals and summer bulbs to make the most of the summer flowers. You can also lay perennial carnations and pinch the varieties that bloom when fall arrives. As for the cuttings, remember to divide the spring perennials (such as passionflower, delphinium, cotyledons, etc.) after they have flowered. Regarding the maintenance of your flowers, you must remove all faded flowers from your plantations to promote future flowering. In the same way, cut the foliage of your bulb flowers when the latter turns yellow. Of course, do not forget to weed your beds and ornamental gardens and to water them regularly. During the hottest periods and if it does not rain enough, we recommend that you water at least once a week. Prefer the evening by watering directly on the ground and avoiding wetting the leaves. In this way, the water is less likely to evaporate than in the middle of the day.

    Pamper the shrubs

    © Photo Colin Maynard on Unsplash We finish the to do list of gardening for the month of June with trees and shrubs. Even if they require very little maintenance, trees and shrubs also have the right to be pampered. That's good, June is the perfect time to prune them. Whether shrubs (which bloomed in spring) or boxwood, all need a cut! As with the rest, watering should be frequent in summer. Take the opportunity to add some fertilizer to your shrubs (for their future flowering) and don't forget to treat certain varieties susceptible to cryptogamic diseases such as roses.