Nordic outdoor bathing in all seasons

Nordic outdoor bathing in all seasons

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A kit Nordic bath to put in the garden or on a terrace, what do you say? Great, except that in general, it consumes energy! Here is a Nordic bath equipped with a submerged wood fireplace, very ecological ... This Nordic bath kit allows you to take an outdoor bath in any season. It is a large round wooden tank of Red Cedar. It takes about half a day to assemble and then fills in 1 to 2 hours with a garden hose. It is designed to accommodate up to 7 people depending on its dimensions ranging from 150 to 210 cm in diameter (90 cm high each time). Its main interest, besides relaxation and pleasure, is that it is ecological: it is heated by a wood stove with a closed and submerged hearth. This stove is made of aluminum, which is an excellent conductor of heat. Finally, on the accessories side, you can provide it with a wooden, wooden and aluminum cover or a tarpaulin. Nordic bath in Storvatt kit, 2 versions (basic or luxury) for 3 diameters, from € 4,190. > More info on:


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