Ikea: the leading furniture distributor

Ikea: the leading furniture distributor

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Ikea brands are constantly growing in the cities of France. Arrived in France in 1981, Ikea currently has 26 stores, the latest of which are the Rouen, Rennes and Tours sites. The Nordic manufacturer does not stop there since it has a project for three new store openings in Caen, Rennes and Avignon for the year 2009. Its objective is that 80% of the French population is within an hour drive from a store. This expansion has undoubtedly contributed to giving Ikea the title of first furniture distributor in 2008 with 15.7% of the furniture market share and a turnover of more than 2 billion euros against 14.3% for Conforama. Long n ° 2, the brand is now on the first step of the podium. France is thus placed in second position in the world rank of Ikea sales before the United States and behind Germany. Here are all the addresses of Ikea stores: Paris East, Villiers sur Marne: 33-35 rue Jean Jaures 94350 Villiers sur Marne Paris Nord 2: 176 Avenue de la plaine de France BP 57123 Gonesse 95950 Roissy Ch. De Gaulle Cedex Paris N-O, Franconville: 337 rue du Général Leclerc BP 30011 95130 Franconville Paris Ouest, Plaisir: Grand Plaisir shopping center 202 rue Henri Barbusse 78370 Plaisir Paris Sud, Thiais: THIAIS Village Avenue de Versailles Shopping Center 94320 THIAIS Paris Sud, Evry: Z.I. Le Clos Aux Pois, Lisses 91028 Evry cedex Paris S-O, Vélizy-Cuisines: 3 rue du Petit Clamart 78457 Vélizy-Villacoublay Bordeaux: Bordeaux-Lac shopping center Avenue des 40 newspapers 33 049 Bordeaux-Lac Brest - Guipavas: Les Champs de Coataudon Le Froutven 29490 Guipavas Dijon: 1 rue de Cracovie 21000 Dijon Grenoble: 150 avenue Gabriel Péri 38400 St-Martin-d'Hères Hénin - Beaumont: Boulevard Olof Palme Center Cial Maison Plus 62110 Hénin-Beaumont Lille: Center Cial (near Kinepolis) Rue du Grand But 59160 Lomme Marseille - La Valentine: Zac La Valentine La Ravelle 13011 Marseille Marseille - Vitrolles: Quartier du Griffon La Bastide Blanche 13127 Vitrolles Metz: Rue du Trou aux Serpents 57140 La Maxe Montpellier: Odysséum area 1 place de Troie CS 99007 34967 MONTPELLIER CEDEX 2 Nantes: Pôle Atlantis BP 80137 44817 SAINT HERBLAIN Rennes-Pacé: Zac west bank 14 avenue des touches 35740 PACE Rouen (Tourville-La-Rivière): IKEA Tourville-La-Rivière Avenue Gustave Picard ZAC du Clos aux Antes 76410 Tourville-La-Rivière St Etienne : Rue Jean Huss BP 506 76 42043 Saint Etienne Cedex 1 St Priest (Lyon): Z.A.C. du Champ du Pont Case 1 69808 Saint-Priest Strasbourg: 26 place de l'Abattoir. Cronenbourg B.P. 9 67037 Strasbourg Toulon: Z.A.C. Valgora BP 515 83041 Toulon Cedex 9 Toulouse: Center Cial Roques sur Garonne Allée de Fraixinet 31120 Roques sur Garonne Tours: Rochepinard district Rue Desire lecomte 37000 Tours> More info www.ikea.com


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