Decorative visit to the Villa Arpel by Jacques Tati

Decorative visit to the Villa Arpel by Jacques Tati

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Explore the Villa of Monsieur Arpel, the main character in the film "Mon Oncle" by Jacques Tati. 104, the cultural space, 104, rue d'Aubervilliers in Paris, is devoting an exhibition to him. The filmmaker had imagined a setting full of fantasies. Guided tour of an architecture invented in the 1950s. Discover the well-organized garden with the lake, the fountain fish that spits water, the espalier pear trees, the garage with the 1956 Chevrolet bel Air by Monsieur Arpel . Then place at the house where you will appreciate the robotic and hign tech, immaculate white kitchen of Madame, but also the room of the little Gérard and the vast living room with its bean sofa. A universe that enjoys the perfection of a flawless society ... Then continue your visit to the Cinémathèque française with the exhibition "Jacques Tati, deux temps, trois movements" for a retrospective of his films until 3 August. Practical info: 104 Access is free and the Centquatre is open from Sunday to Thursday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Friday and Saturday until 11:10 p.m. 104, rue d'Aubervilliers 75019 Paris> More info on


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