Wallpaper to play with the walls

Wallpaper to play with the walls

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The wallpaper offers ultra varied patterns and dresses our walls whatever our decor style. Today, it turns away from this primary function and also allows you to have fun: the wallpaper is fun and interactive and suddenly goes even further in personalization. True space of expression in a house, the wall, when dressed in patterned wallpaper, freezes in a final decor, until we change it of course. Graham and Brown, the first to come up with the idea of ​​playing with wallpaper, with his coloring Frames wallpaper. The new Fashion model is a non-woven (very resistant) with patterns of fashion accessories to color. At Lutèce, we also color the wallpaper but in a tree fresco version! At Myrine Créations, you can leave little words of love on Post-it wallpaper, and if you want to go even further in interactivity and in technological paper, opt for the thermo-active wallpaper: the patterns "You Can Leave Your Hat On" paper changes its appearance depending on the degree of heat! Finally the phosphorescent wallpaper from Rash changes our decor day and night.


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