Dyeing, the solution to revive your decor without breaking the bank

Dyeing, the solution to revive your decor without breaking the bank

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Crisis requires, we limit spending! So it's time to take stock of a practice as old as the world: dyeing. Often used by our mothers and grandmothers, we have tended to abandon it because of a few misconceptions: the machine is damaged and the textiles, and the textiles disgorge. Today, Ideal, a dye specialist, offers 26 shades to change and revive its interior decoration. Little quiz on the proper use of decorative dye.

Right wrong

Dyeing can revive your decor at a lower cost TRUE: With a price of 2.90 euros to 4.90 euros depending on the model, we dye curtains, tablecloths, throws and towels without breaking the bank. For example, a bath towel weighing between 600 and 1000g will require two trays of dye. You can only dye FALSE solid textiles: Patterned textiles can be dyed without difficulty if they are woven patterns. Avoid on the other hand the printed patterns which will not fix the dye. We can dye at 40 ° TRUE: The dye is effective from 40, so we also save energy, and our wallet is even better. The dye damages the washing machine FALSE: The dye is designed to protect the drum of your machine, with a composition safe for pipelines. You can dry a dyed textile in a TRUE dryer: No contraindication, only the sun is canceled, but this is valid for all colored textiles. Tinted textiles disgust FALSE: The new dyes are liquid, and suddenly, they have fully integrated into the textile fibers. We will therefore act only at the first wash as for a new garment. We can dye all types of TRUE textiles: The latest generation of liquid dye adapts to cotton of course, but also to linen, viscose and silk.

Some precautions:

- Always make sure to unfold your laundry when you dye it, whether by machine or by hand. - Before dyeing a new textile, it is advisable to wash it three times in order to eliminate the finish of the new one.

Create your decorative style with dye:

- To change the look of your bathroom, you can dye your bathroom linen two-color coordinates : purple and anise, eggplant and gray, chocolate and turquoise. - Change your living room according to the seasons : in autumn and winter, curtains, plaids, cushion covers are dyed in chocolate, plum, khaki or caramel. In spring, bring in the color with a green, a fuchsia. And in summer, a sunflower yellow. - Change the decor style : install a pop style with a cherry red, an orange or an anise green. A seaside style with a range of blues: royal blue, turquoise and azure. And for an industrial style: gray, cherry red, black and orange.


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