Home store loyalty cards on the test bench

Home store loyalty cards on the test bench

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Our wallets are full of loyalty cards. What exactly do these cards offer? We have searched for you:

The Ikea Family loyalty card

The Ikea Family card is free and entitles you to discounts on certain Ikea products. You also benefit from preferential rates in the Ikea Family loyalty store of each store. You will receive the Ikea Family Live magazine at home, which is published four times a year, and will be able to attend workshops and other events in your store. Finally you will receive the newsletter by e-mail to be informed of the news of the brand.

The Alinéa loyalty card

Thanks to the free Alinéa card, you will receive gift vouchers of up to 5% of the amount of your purchases. You also benefit from 10% in the Alinéa Café and Alinéa Pause Café. You will have the possibility of being reimbursed for the products purchased on presentation of the receipt within 90 days. Of course, you will take advantage of exceptional promotions reserved for members.

The Fly loyalty card

With the Fly card, you receive your home shopping vouchers. The amount of the gift voucher is calculated based on the cumulative amount of your purchases, namely 2% of the amount of the purchase between € 220 and € 750, 3% of the amount of the purchase greater than € 750 and up to 1 € 500 and 4% of the purchase amount over € 1,500. Other advantages, when the packages are too large, Fly provides you with a free van for 1 hour from 120 € of purchases. You will also receive a voucher for the release of a new catalog and on your birthday. The card is available at a price of 6 euros, valid for two years.

The Instants Nature de Nature and Discoveries loyalty card

By subscribing to the Instants Nature card for 6 euros per year, you will receive a gift voucher of 5 euros, as well as a nature voucher of 5.5 euros, to be used on all nature activities (Discovery and action in nature 8 euros…). You have access to over 3000 nature activities and activities for children. Instants Nature also offers discounts on products and invitations. Finally when you subscribe, 1 euro is donated to the Nature et Découvertes foundation.

The Maison Leroy Merlin loyalty card

You can get the House card for 1 year at the price of 9 euros. You will thus receive a welcome discount of 5% and 10% from 1000 points accumulated. The magazine "On the side of your home" will be free and telephone assistance will be given priority. Finally Leroy Merlin will take back the goods within 3 months without a ticket.

The Dalbe & Me loyalty card

For 3 euros, you will get the Dalbe et Moi card and accumulate points (1 euro purchase = 1 point) which will give you access to coupons (200 points = 10 euros, 600 = 35 euros…). You will also benefit from special offers, receive the Carré Jaune newspaper to inform you about new products and benefit from reductions in the specialist press for creative hobbies.

The Truffaut bonus card

Accumulate loyalty points (1 point for every 7.60 euros) and exchange them for discounts, gift vouchers, invitations ... The card is free at the reception of the garden center.


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