Hide these electrical wires that I cannot see!

Hide these electrical wires that I cannot see!

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With the accumulation of chargers for various accessories and other cables, it's hard not to get caught in it. Here is a selection of objects to finish with its not very aesthetic threads. Studio Manzano offers a socket cover that will allow you to hide your cables behind a simple sheet of polypropylene priplak to be assembled with a clip. (49 euros) Rotaliana joins the useful to the pleasant with multi-socket atmosphere lamps in the form of a pot (190 euros) or a book (215 euros) which welcome too many sons into their midst. At the German designer Konstantin Slawinski, you will find a clever box which will hide power strip and wires and will act as a small tablet where to put phones and MP3 players. (79 euros) If you just want to wind up your phone charger or MP3 headset, prefer the One Man wire winder from Propaganda (11 euros) or the little Glutton who will store up to 3 meters of cable. (3.90 euros both at Castorama) Finally if you are looking for an original object, the Woofy cable holder by Normann Copenhagen will be your new companion. The power strip hides inside the dog and it welcomes all the wires that are lying around. More than a practical object, Woofy is a real success and has been photographed in an unusual way on five continents. (160 euros)


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