Back from the market: 8 practical storage spaces for the kitchen

Back from the market: 8 practical storage spaces for the kitchen

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Stackable crates, convenient for storing vegetables

There is never enough fruit and vegetables! And like most gourmets, you like to accumulate them and have the choice to prepare good meals. Like the stalls of the food markets, these crates allow you to store seasonal fruits and vegetables in an authentic way. But above all, they are ultra practical: stackable to save space to move them wherever you want. Our advice : for even more functionality, you can place dividers (which you can make yourself using wooden planks) in each crate so as not to mix fruits and vegetables. Finally, if you grow aromatic plants, nothing prevents you from using the upper crate to install your indoor vegetable garden!

Jars with lids, which close tightly

Buying fresh produce is one thing, but keeping it is another. To ensure good preservation of your food, you must store it carefully. And to do this, the jars prove to be major allies. Indeed, they help preserve the aromas and freshness of your food. The good news ? In decoration, the trend is towards exposure! In other words, we hide nothing, on the contrary, we proudly display utensils and condiments in the kitchen. All in transparency, the jars allow us to take advantage of all the colors of food… The storage tip : to find your way around the organization of your kitchen, we recommend that you classify your jars by food category. In practice, you can put all the jars intended for breakfast (coffee, cereals, cocoa, sugar ...) on a shelf, starchy foods and spices on others and so on ...

A pretty wooden tea box

Are you a tea lover? To store your collection, you absolutely need a box provided for this purpose. With its rustic look, it can perfectly integrate into an interior with vintage or bucolic or even industrial decoration! In any case, it will give character to your kitchen and make a sensation with your guests during the traditional "tea time"! Tea but not only! And yes, it is not because it is a tea box that you cannot divert it from its primary function. Cookies and confectionery, spices and other condiments can also take over your pretty box…

A wooden case, a charming asset

If the flea market spirit and the diversion of objects attract you, you will inevitably fall for this farm case! To place on the floor, on a shelf, on a piece of furniture or directly fixed to the wall, the wooden crate is a charming asset for storing fruits and vegetables in your kitchen. You can also accumulate several and stack them to create a custom-made and original piece of furniture. The ecological tip: with its handles, this aged wooden crate is easily transportable. Once empty, just use it to do your shopping on the market! In the same way, you can take it during your pickings in the wilderness or directly to the farm. Enough to say goodbye to plastic while favoring a sustainable alternative. Practical, aesthetic, economical and ecological ... It does not take more to convince us to adopt this wooden case in the kitchen!

Pretty supply pots

Shopping on the market is more than buying fruits and vegetables. Farm biscuits, confectionery and dried fruit are all delicacies that can be found in bulk on market stalls. Whether to store or keep them, you need supply pots with airtight lids. Question look, these pretty supply pots easily find their place in all nature style kitchens. Indeed, the green and white patterns bring poetry and refinement to Scandinavian and vintage interiors. The good news ? No need to put them in the cupboards! These pots are decorative elements in their own right, so do not hesitate to highlight them on a shelf or on a tray in the center of the table.

A trolley on wheels, practical and aesthetic

Ideal for small spaces, the trolley offers additional storage in the kitchen. But that's not all ! It also allows you to benefit from a work plan for cooking while having utensils and food at hand. Utensils are stored in niches, dishes in drawers and fruit and vegetables in baskets at the bottom of the cabinet. You will understand, we can not be more practical and functional than a sideboard to optimize a kitchen! The most of the service? Because it is designed on wheels, it is easy to transport. If in winter you keep it warm inside, you can move it in your garden on sunny days and imagine a small outdoor kitchen!

A spice display, perfect for storing

A cuisine worthy of the name must contain a multitude of spices. And let it be said, there is no better place than the market to find it! To store them, we recommend, once again, to use jars. It must be said, there is nothing like it to keep all the flavors! For more elegance, the jars are arranged on a cast iron support. What give a rustic air to the decoration of your kitchen! The idea to remember? Remember to stick labels on your jars to find yourself among all your spices! For an even more old school look, you can paint a wall with slate effect paint. Once dry, place the display against the wall and write the names of the spices just above with chalk!

A nice wooden egg cabinet

After fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, cookies and confectionery, it's time for eggs! Whether you buy them on the market, on the farm or in stores, here is the ideal storage for storing and keeping them. And for good reason, it is an adorable mini piece of furniture designed for this purpose. Made of wood to emphasize the rustic side, this small piece of furniture will bring cachet to all bucolic kitchens. One thing is certain, it gives us the impression of being in the countryside, right?