3 decorative atmospheres to receive by the fireside

3 decorative atmospheres to receive by the fireside

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Face winter gently by hosting your friends or family around a good fire. With only a few decorative accessories, stage your atmosphere.

A head-to-head in love

On the occasion of a romantic date, set up an atmosphere conducive to confidentiality by the fireside. Start by placing a large "animal skin" style rug on the ground or turn a faux fur plaid (Delamaison offers a white plaid at 72 euros). Comfortable and terribly "cliché", it evokes the evening alone. Then always on the floor, have several cushions imitation wolf fur so that it is pleasant to sit and lean on. And of course, the lighting will consist of candles placed everywhere in the room and all around the fireplace! © Philippe Guerno Fireplace

A tea time with friends

Invite your friends for a "tea party"! Before that create the atmosphere by favoring "girly" colors which oscillate between pale pink and eggplant. Start by covering your sofa with a large fuchsia pink throw. Then, trace the path to your fireplace by placing several small round rugs in coordinated colors on the floor (the Ringum rug from Ikea at 6.99 euros will do the trick). All these colors will surely whet your appetites! So so that everyone is comfortably seated, ready to listen to the secrets, place around the table in the lounge of the beanbags in bright colors. All you have to do is take out your fine porcelain tea service from Kathleen Hills and savor delicious macarons from Ladurée. © Philippe Beaumerie fireplace

An afternoon in the countryside

In the spirit of a country house, stage your fireplace symmetrically. Organize your decor by placing on each side of the edge of the fireplace, two lamps topped with a linen shade. Balance this decor by hanging above the fireplace a large gilded Louis-Philippe style mirror. You can find them at second-hand dealers or on second-hand websites! To protect yourself from large outbreaks, don't forget to put a wrought iron firewall. A decorative tip if you cannot light a fire: give the illusion with the "Taupe" firewall from Casa. Arrange tealights in the compartments provided for this purpose, so that once lit, their lights evoke a chimney fire. One last tip, think practical! So on the side, put away a burlap log bag (at 29 euros on the site and decorate the lintel of the fireplace with pine cones gleaned during a walk in the forest. You can even throw them into the fire so that they diffuse their delicate fragrances throughout the room. © Beauvillé

Decorative tip: You don't have a fireplace, what should you do?

First, there is the ethanol fireplace. Like a real fireplace, it emits neither smoke nor odor and can be integrated into any interior. It produces real flames and heats almost as much as a traditional fireplace. Its only downside, its price! Then a last solution is offered to you. Evoke the chimney fire by accumulating on a pretty tray, several candles of different sizes. The sparkling candles will create this much desired "chimney fire" atmosphere! © Le Redoute autumn winter 2008


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