The multifunctional sofa enters the living room

The multifunctional sofa enters the living room

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The sofa is obviously one of the centerpieces of the living room and making the right choice is essential. What are the trends for tomorrow? It seems that the sofa becomes more comfortable and becomes multifunctional. Decryption. Interview by Bérangère Larivaud

What are the main current developments in terms of sofas?

The sofas offer more and more functions: relax, headrest, movable and adjustable cuffs, more and more quality sleeping. Bi-colors or even bi-materials (mixture of leather and fabric) develop. Finally, comfort takes back all its rights, with increased consideration of morphological differences. Design is no longer enough.

What do you think the sofa of tomorrow will look like?

The three basic functions of the seat will undoubtedly assert themselves more and more: function of relaxation, conviviality and statutory function. We will see the development of relaxation chairs for men and women, as well as television rooms dedicated to home cinema, with sofas with shelves, for example. For young people and in the reception lounge, the sofa will focus on conviviality. In parallel, the sofa as a design object, in the center of the room, will also have its place and will fulfill a statutory function. Finally, I think that the fashion for decoration will encourage the development of the textile fair with elements of integration in the personal environment more and more present (small colored cushions, for example).

How can we combine sofa and respect for the environment?

By using more natural materials, such as textiles, leather, and labeled wood, from forests monitored in terms of regeneration. The question is beginning to arise, but it is not yet the essential concern of the consumer. Decorative ideas, photos and advice around the sofa: How to choose your sofa, mistakes to avoid and choice of cushions.