Towel Folding: Cupid's Arrow

Towel Folding: Cupid's Arrow

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This very simple napkin folding is ideal for making your first steps in the art of decorating a table. It is however very elegant and will adapt to all types of occasion.

What you need to make the Cupid arrow towel

- 1 towel (which you can find on www.maplusbelledeco.com)

Folding in photos

Step 1

You need a towel folded in four

2nd step

Open the towel lengthwise

Stage 3

Bring back the right angle on the central fold

Step 4

Proceed in the same way with the left angle while keeping the two angles joined

Step 5

Then straighten the arrow and place it upright in the center of the plate

Step 6

It's finish !

Photo credits: www.ludivine-viguie.com