Video: create an aluminum decorative painting

Video: create an aluminum decorative painting

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Want a table that is both original and in the colors of your living room, but hard to find the pearl that suits your style and your colors. So create your own artist painting yourself. It is also a good idea for a decorative gift!

Decorative step: An art painting

Level: easy Completion time (excluding drying time): 1 hour Indicative cost: 56.90 euros Necessary material : - Pre-cut plywood board of 60 x 60 cm = 12 euros - Hammered aluminum plate of 60 x 60 cm = 17.15 euros - 1 spray of copper paint = 5 euros - 1 spray of gold paint = 5 euros - 1.50 m chain = 7 euros - Marking tape = 3 euros - 2 nails = 0.75 euros - Strong glue = 6.90 euros Step 1: Create your table - At the top, 15 cm from the right edge of the aluminum plate, tape a marking strip 20 cm long vertically - At 20 cm from the top of the aluminum plate, tape a marking strip to the horizontal, over the entire length of the painting - Copper bomber the small rectangle thus formed - Copper gold bomber the medium rectangle thus formed - Leave the largest aluminum rectangle - Leave to dry for 1 hour - Remove the scotch tape - Bomber in coppery the whole plywood board - Leave to dry for 1 hour Step 2: Assemble the table - Attach the plywood board to the back of the board with strong glue. - Decorative button: Shift it 6.5 cm down and to the left - Attach two nails to the back of your new painting, on both sides and centering them - Hang the chain Design advice: Spray paint lends itself really well to metal supports. Instead of plywood, you can use medium that is not too thick.