The Ikea Billy library becomes a baroque wardrobe

The Ikea Billy library becomes a baroque wardrobe

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For 30 years, the Billy has established itself in our interiors. High, long, small or wide, black, white, oak veneer, birch ... it exists in different sizes and different colors. This month we selected the Billy with dimensions of 202 cm high by 40 cm wide and decided to transform it into a small baroque style wardrobe.

Decorative step: The Billy becomes baroque

Level: Difficult Completion time (excluding drying time): 4 h Indicative cost: 63 euros Necessary material : - Medium grit sandpaper = 4 euros - 0.5 l of white undercoat = 6 euros - 0.5 l of black satin paint = 9.70 euros - 200 cm x 100 cm actu: 739845 black velvet fabric = 13.70 euros - 3 polystyrene moldings = 21.60 euros - Rod = 8 euros - Wall stapler - Miter box - Meter - Sander - 2 news: 739 807 brushes Step 1: Prepare the Billy shelf - Sand the "Billy" shelf with medium grain paper (for the brave!) Or with a sander (it's much better!) - Apply an undercoat of white paint on the Billy and a shelf - Leave to dry 2 hours - Apply a coat of black paint on the Billy and a shelf - Leave to dry for 2 hours - Apply a second coat of black paint - Leave to dry for 2 hours - Paint the molding in black Step 2: Dramatize the Billy shelf - Staple the news: 739845 black velvet fabric inside, starting from the top of the shelf - Staple the sides, spacing the staples every 20 cm and make sure to tighten the news: 739845 fabric - Staple the news: 739845 black velvet fabric on the top of the shelf - Cut the rod with a length of 36 cm - Attach the two fasteners which serves to support the rod inside the Billy at 6.5 cm from the top and 10 cm from the edge. - Cut bevel, with the miter box, two moldings of 200 cm and two others of 40 cm - Nail the molding on the edge of the shelf - Proceed in the same way for the other three moldings Tip: All colors will cut to delight Billy. We chose black but red or a duo of pop colors like orange and yellow will also suit him very well.


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