Painting: the mat or shiny match

Painting: the mat or shiny match

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Painting makes it possible to give a facelift to a room and to assert a decorative style at a lower cost. But choosing the type of paint, matt or glossy, can be tricky if you don't know the characteristics of each of these two effects. Snote that there are two essential criteria to remember: the condition of your wall to paint and the effect you are looking for . Depending on this, and thanks to the advice that follows, you will know who of the matte, satin or shiny paint, will have the last word!

The brilliant, all in light and in depth

The gloss allows to enlarge the volumes and offers a mirror effect to rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom. It brings depth to your universe and allows you to create a fresh atmosphere to your space. Almost all of the brilliants are now washable but initially require well-prepared walls. The surface must therefore be perfectly smooth in order to avoid exposing irregularities in the wall. Paints such as Ultra Resist Valénite by Dulux Valentine or Brillant Lacquered by V33 have a glossy decorative finish and are very resistant.

The satin, friendly and warm

The silky gloss satin remains the most used. It has an average degree of gloss and allows a wide choice of colors to be obtained. Friendly and warm, satin reduces flaws and resists wear and tear as well as impact, making it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, woodwork and all other areas of heavy use such as hallways. Washable like gloss paint , it is also ideal in a child's room. Special mention for the satin range of Ripolin Harmonie & Bain: a satin paint without odor and which does not yellow.

The mat, calm and voluptuous

The mat is characteristic of calm and subdued atmospheres. Non-reflective, it reduces flaws. It is ideal for large areas to paint like the ceiling, and for the old one, which sometimes has irregular walls. Previously most often associated with pastel shades, he becomes trendy today, at Farrow and Ball or at Dulux Valentine with its Mat Infini range, thanks to deep shades like plum, which are available in luminous or even powdered mat. Be aware, however, that matt paint is difficult to clean, so avoid it in children's rooms, and that it tends to reduce volumes. It can however be particularly recommended in an adult room for an intimate atmosphere.


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