Dotspot: small smart fabrics for all walls

Dotspot: small smart fabrics for all walls

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Last weekend, I went for a tour of Belgium near Brussels. And while doing my Christmas shopping, I came across a very nice little shop offering "canvas". Canvas? But what is it? you will tell me. Well, these are small canvases like the one used for the paintings on which photos or drawings are printed in a computerized manner. The multitude of models offered, for the most part very colorful and original and especially their low price made me crack. Whether it is humorous messages, completely offbeat, kitsh, abstract or a little daring (decency will not allow me to go further in this area), there is something for everyone, all interiors and all occasions . In terms of size, it is square and available in three formats (30x30 cm, 40x40 cm and 50x50 cm) for 24, 45 or 55 euros respectively. All packed in a nice pizza box! In short an original and decorative gift quite affordable. Me personally, for 24 small euros I left with a very "royal" canvas to offer to a friend fan of royalty, princes and queens of all kinds.

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DOTSPOT Rue des Eperonniers 53 (grand place) 1000 Brussels - Belgium Discover below a selection of available canvas. A decorative idea: you can compose tryptics to decorate your living room or bedroom for example with the series "This is not a rabbit". Information taken, they ensure the online sale ( of their products and send them to France for the sum of 6 euros.