The 8 essentials for a bohemian decor

The 8 essentials for a bohemian decor

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A journey around the world. This is what allows bohemian decoration. With love, distant lands, it offers a perfect blend of genres and invites to escape. It allows - more than any other style deco to breathe a wind of freedom in its interior and to free itself from the codes. In fact, it's more than just a decorative style, it's a way of thinking. No wonder, then, that the bohemian decoration is in vogue and that it attracts more and more followers. To adopt this mixed trend, here are our best decor ideas! So, ready for a bohemian life?

The essential rattan armchair

The reputation of rattan is well established! Natural material par excellence, it is mainly used in bohemian interiors where it dresses with authenticity, furniture and decorative objects. It is found in particular on the seats as on this armchair. With its rounded shapes and seat, this natural rattan armchair invites you to relax ... Add a blanket and a cozy cushion and voila! In any case, it is a must-have for a bohemian-looking salon. But, this armchair will also be perfect for the entrance, the bedroom (young and old!) Or even on a balcony! The good idea : highlight the rattan chair on a beautiful Berber carpet for a more bohemian atmosphere…

The adorable Berber carpet

© Camylla Battani on Unsplash With the rise of bohemian decoration, the Berber carpet has become emblematic of this nomadic style. And for good reason, it has a story to tell since according to the countries, the manufacturing techniques vary. One of the most famous models remains the Beni Ouarrain carpet. Of Moroccan origin, this rug is characterized by its two-tone hues (usually black and white or brown and white) which form geometric patterns. One thing is certain, it will be the centerpiece of your bohemian living room. And if space allows, do not hesitate to accumulate carpets: the more you have fun with the materials (carpet, cushions ...), the more your interior will become bohemian! The tip for an atypical decor : hang your Berber carpet on the wall! Like a work of art, it will be a charming asset on your walls…

The comforting hammock with fringes

© Lovelymarket Adopting the bohemian style means adopting a relaxed lifestyle. Because a bohemian life is that: to live day by day. We put aside new technologies and refocus on the essentials to savor every moment. And what could be better than a hammock to let go completely? Even if we tend to book it outside, the hammock is a great ally indoors. Indeed, it creates a cozy atmosphere inviting to escape. A true haven of peace: to perfect this atmosphere conducive to relaxation, surround your hammock with tropical plants! Change of scenery guaranteed…

The pretty dream catcher

Because it is inspired by the whole world, bohemian decoration is a true declaration of love for travel. To succeed in your hippie decor, you must therefore collect travel souvenirs and display them proudly in your interior. And if you don't have the opportunity to wander, don't panic! You just have to opt for objects from elsewhere. The dream catcher is a perfect example. Coming from the Amerindian culture, it is often used to travel nomadic interiors. And in addition, according to beliefs, it would have the power to capture the worst nightmares ... Even if its place is, originally, above the bed, you can hang your dream catcher in other rooms of the house . We like the idea of ​​a gallery wall on which dream catchers, frames, hats, mirrors and macrame form a wall of bohemian inspiration.

The delicate bed linen in natural tones

In the bedroom too, it's easy to infuse a bohemian atmosphere! How? 'Or' What ? Thanks to the bed linen, which can be united in cream tones, but also be made up of black and white ethnic prints. For the rest of the decor, bet on accessories: dream catcher (as above), lantern rattan, colorful cushions, wall dye as headboard ... Let yourself be carried away by your best travel dreams to escape for a night! Bohemian, yes but chic! If you are more hippie chic than bohemian folk (more colorful), it is in your interest to turn to neutral and timeless shades like black and white, which will make your room more elegant…

The set of ethnic cushions

© Le Joli Shop Defined as a perfect blend of genres, bohemian decoration gives pride of place to patchwork. To adopt it, you must therefore multiply the fabrics and patterns in your interior to create a real mix and match. With the cushions, it's a breeze. And between the gypsy, ikat, navajo or aztec motifs, you are spoiled for choice to escape from your sofa! Remember that for a successful bohemian decoration, you should not hesitate to mismatch the shapes and colors of your cushions. The most daring associations are sometimes the most noticed!

The pretty woven basket that will have all its effect

Direction Asia to continue our bohemian journey with this Thai basket. Obviously, bohemian decoration is fascinated by handicrafts. And one could not be more authentic than a basket woven by hand in vegetable fiber to satisfy the need for authenticity of this decorative style. Especially since it is the big trend of the moment! Baskets are stylish storage spaces that accumulate in all rooms of the house: from the living room to the bedroom, including the bathroom or the office! Besides its storage function, you can also use it as a planter!

Buffalo head

© Zuiver - Woodstache We like or hate it, but animal trophies, and particularly buffalo skulls, are all the rage in bohemian interiors. They invest the walls to give character to the decor. But when we like bohemian decoration, we love nature and we prefer a wooden trophy rather than a real buffalo skull! Anyway, it is ideal for lovers of decorative curiosity cabinet type. One thing is certain, it will not go unnoticed ... The art of diversion: in addition to being a decorative asset, you can use the buffalo head to hang (around the horns) jewelry, scarves or hats! For that, think of installing it in your room.