6 poufs on the test bench

6 poufs on the test bench

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It was believed dead and buried alongside the Seb yogurt maker and the Radiola musicassette. At the time, in the last century, in the 70s, it looked like a pear, this year it is back. Many models are jostling at the gate. There is something for all tastes, of all shapes and for all budgets.

The Fatboy pouffe

Fatboy is the original model. You have noticed, it looks a lot like The G offered by Myfab. But the Fatboy canvas is thicker and the pouffe stands better "upright", it seems slightly more furnished. But above all, the Fatboy is available in several dozen versions: floral, Union Jack, or silver…

The Waff pouffe

When you sit on it you feel like you are arriving on a waterbed. Astonishing, it is inflatable! The Waff is initially designed for fitness and relaxation. On this terrain, it provides incredible sensations. We feel his muscles relax, after a few minutes you can feel the blood beat in his veins ... The best friend of the nap. Disadvantage: it is really very wide, bulky limit. Fortunately we can deflate it.

The Big Chocolate The G pouffe

The big beanbag direct from China for a shock price of 59.95 euros. The G is slightly different from the Fatboy. This pouffe is the trendy decorative object of the moment. Like the Fatboy, The G is very big: be careful, if your room is small, you can quickly feel like you are suffocating. Good to know: does not start production until the order book is full. When adding the manufacturing time, the pouffe takes two to three months to arrive from the date of order. Patience!

Island pouffe

This round version of the Fatboy has an advantage: it does not deform. In the living room, he remains dignified. But in return, it is less conducive to wallowing and other sprawl inseparable from the beanbag experience. It is rather a low booster seat.

The Smoos Pear pouffe

This modernized version of our parents' classic pear beanbag is more advantageous for its price than for its comfort. And it's a shame when it comes to pouffe. Would the balls with which it is padded be made of concrete?

Le Smoos fireside chair 2 places

This sofa ottoman is a real good idea. It replaces a small bench seat and remains welcoming even when you get into two. Also sold at Fly, it is as fluffy as his little fellow pear is ... firm. Inexpensive, practical, transportable in three seconds. Ideal for the Barbapapa apartment.

The chaise lounger

Portobello offers a whole line of soft furniture with beads. This chaise longue is an invitation to the most complete slump. Very chic, it has its place in a bohemian interior.