Tiles: renovation and interventions

Tiles: renovation and interventions

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Drilling a tile

Do you want to put a soap dish or a holder for your new pan battery? 1 Mark the location of the hole with a marker. If you have to make holes in line, don't forget to use a spirit level to get a perfectly aligned marking. 2 Choose the diameter of the drill, special tiling, according to the dowel and the screw to be laid.3 Place the end of the drill bit on the marked location before switching on the drill, which will prevent it from jumping on this smooth surface. 4 Drill slowly by applying firm, but not too strong pressure and taking care to put the tip of your vacuum cleaner just below the piercing point. Brick or concrete dust can irreparably stain the joints below. 5 Push in your ankles and install your accessory.

Repainting a tile

But yes, it is possible, even on very dark tiling, you can transform your kitchen or bathroom for a weekend. It is also an original and inexpensive way to offer superb "handmade" tiles. 1 Wash the existing tiles with Saint-Marc washing powder and cold water. Rinse generously with warm, clear water. 2 Pass the entire surface to be painted with fine sandpaper so that the printing layer can adhere more easily.3 Clean thoroughly with a damp sponge. 4 After complete drying, use a roller to apply a special earthenware printing layer which will allow you to use any finish. 5 On this printing layer, you can get started in all possible decorations… compatible with a damp room! Tinted wax, universal paint, glaze ...6 For very small decorations, there are special earthenware paints, translucent or opaque, of shiny appearance, which do not require the passage of a printing layer ... but which are relatively expensive.

The pro's advice

If the seals are really hollow, the roller will have trouble printing. In this case, proceed in small areas. Use a brush for the joints and, in stride, pass this same area with a roller.

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