8 essential objects for a jungle decor

8 essential objects for a jungle decor

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1. A poster or a table "tropical plants"

If you do not dare to cover an entire wall with lush foliage wallpaper, bet instead on a pretty poster, a frame or a table which represents tropical plants. This will help create a jungle decor and an exotic atmosphere in your living room, but in a subtle and delicate way!

The right plan? Install a "jungle" poster in landscape format above a console or a sideboard on which you will have installed these tropical plants. Lush jungle effect guaranteed!

2. A bamboo coffee table

Destination the tropics with the bamboo coffee table, a flagship piece of jungle decor. We like its sober and functional design, its ease of maintenance and its resistance which allow us to install it inside and outside.

To avoid the side a little too much, better play the sobriety and avoid associating it with other bamboo furniture or other furniture in exotic wood. Unless you are looking to create a total jungle look!

3. A "jungle" cushion cover

With small touches, you can easily create a very warm urban jungle atmosphere in a living room or bedroom. As with a cushion cover with leaf print exotic on both sides, ideal for a change of scenery in two stages, three movements.

Laid on a green velvet sofa, the illusion is perfect!

4. A carpet made of natural fibers

With a jute braided rug installed in your living room, it will instantly adopt a small wild and authentic side that perfectly suits the jungle decor! Placed under a coffee table or a pedestal table, the rug in natural fibers always has its small effect and adds cachet to any interior.

5. Bamboo hanging lights

In the living room as on the terrace, do you like to play extensions with friends or read in the light of soft lighting? Fall for bamboo pendant lights, in solo or stunt version. Very fashionable at the moment, they have no equal to create a tropical atmosphere ... while being modern and at the forefront of the trend.

6. A "Monstera" placemat

Play the tropical vacation card with Monstera leaf-shaped sets, one of the most used tropical plants in the jungle decor. Made of rubber or natural fibers, they have the advantage of being non-slip on the table.

If you wish, you can also use real Monstera leaves for a 100% authentic decoration ... but more ephemeral!

7. A wooden chest

It's obvious: organic and natural, wood is one of the materials that come up most often in the jungle decor! Besides, if you want to give the impression to your guests that you are coming straight from a short stay in a distant and wild country, do not hesitate to place in your living room a wooden chest -vintage and worn if possible, this will give it more character.

8. Leaf-shaped plates

To create a jungle decor in your home, you can either eat exotic dishes from classic plates ... or eat classic dishes from 100% decorative plates, shaped like tropical tree leaves!
Ideal for adding color and flavor to the table.