Special decoration from here and elsewhere

Special decoration from here and elsewhere

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Do you feel the soul of an interior decorator and want to breathe new life into your home, for example with unique lighting? Or do you want to learn more about decoration and design to become a true professional? We have the solution.


Charming workshop workshop located not far from Paris, Clair de Jour creates bedside lamps, lampshades and wall sconces that are not lacking in originality and that will bring a touch of color and cheerfulness to your interior! Among these creations, you will be spoiled for choice to dress each room with a light fitting its style! The designer also loves to make headdresses for lamp bases, the result of which is stunning.

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Do you dream of becoming an expert in decoration, design or even photography, to enhance your home? CréaCours offers professional training at a distance, with an innovative side that will only please you. No more constraints on schedules and lessons that follow one another at breakneck speed: you control your timetable and learn at your own pace, alongside passionate professionals.

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