How to build a narrow entrance?

How to build a narrow entrance?

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To arrange an entrance in a narrow corridor, there is no shortage of decor ideas, as well as good tips. You will need to choose suitable furniture, opt for integrated storage, bet on a refined decor, bring a little color, but above all, assume the dimensions of your entry.

Our advices

- Choose suitable furniture - Opt for integrated storage - Bet on a refined decoration - Invite color in the entrance - Assume the dimensions of its entrance

1. Choose suitable furniture

With an entrance located in a narrow corridor, everything is a story of good proportions. Avoid large chests of drawers and large wardrobes and prefer fluid furniture, all in length, which will fit easily and harmoniously into the room. A long bench can be a good display for example, to provide seating from the entrance, without cluttering the space. Similarly, a large mirror hung on the wall will visually enlarge the space. Above all, think of clever furniture!

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2. Opt for integrated storage

Welcome open storage space in your narrow hall. Closed cupboards, bench with boxes, wall niches ... All the tips are good to take to save space and not eat the few square meters. In this sense, favor storage in height so as not to obstruct the passage and not on the ground, which would tend to visually seal the space. Also optimize the front door by installing coat hooks if its opening radius allows.

3. Bet on a refined decoration

An entrance in a narrow corridor is small enough to overload it in addition to furniture and decorative items. So opt for a minimum of accessories and purify the area as much as possible. Feng Chui minimalism has its place in the entrance! The integrated storage units go in this direction. If you can't resist a few decorative touches, keep it simple: a pretty, sleek vase with a bouquet, a small basket, a mirror ... And that's it!

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4. Invite color in the entry

© Our wedding ideas In a narrow and somewhat cramped entrance, color is an effective display to awaken the atmosphere. Several options are available to you: * Paint the door in a bright color. * Paint the ceiling if it is very high. * Paint a single section of wall in an unexpected color for a surprise effect from the front door pushed. * Paint all the walls, ceiling included, to create a warm and very decorative bubble from the entrance. advice : Choose matt paint to create a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere in the entrance.

5. Assume the dimensions of your entry

Entering the hallway is not always a defect that must be camouflaged at all costs. On the contrary, you can deliberately play with its dimensions to make it a part in its own right, assumed and claimed. If your entry is indeed very long, but has a minimum of width, why not optimize it by installing an XXL bookcase on a whole section of the wall? Style effect guaranteed! And a carpet all along, have you thought about it?