Have a trendy Mexican decor

Have a trendy Mexican decor

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Very trendy in recent years, mexican decoration is a very colorful decoration. It is particularly suitable for a living room or a living room, by its shimmering colors. The Mexican decor can also be adapted to the bedroom, but in a more boho or bohemian style.

As with all styles of decoration, there are flagship objects of this type of decoration. Essential objects that allow you to quickly adopt this trend without making any mistakes.

Acapulco armchair

It is the emblematic seat, to have absolutely in your living room to have a Mexican-inspired decor. Yet legendary, this armchair has rather blurred origins.

It was in the 1950s, near the Mexican city of Acapulco, that this armchair was created by an anonymous designer. This seat, made of plastic rod and metal legs, is very comfortable. With these materials, it is a very light seat that can be easily moved.

Very often revisited or declined, it can be installed both indoors (in a living room or bedroom) as outdoors, on your terrace or by the pool. We use it as an armchair.

It is very easy to find Acapulco armchairs in trade. The choice of colors is often made among bright colors: green, pink, blue, yellow, red ... But we can also find more versatile models in black or white.

To make it more comfortable, do not hesitate to install a soft cushion at the bottom of the seat or a faux fur plaid at the seat.

Macrame objects

The Mexican decoration can complement being inspired by the boho decor, very trendy for years. Mexican decor indeed loves handmade, and among the trendy materials, there is macramé.

In the living room, install a macrame pendant lamp with an earthen or ceramic pot on the ceiling, in which you will be able to install a hanging plant or a cactus. On the wall, large white or colored macramé weavings bring a little ethnic touch to the whole.

In the bedroom, get inspired by Mexican culture, by hanging one or more dream catchers of different sizes above the bed. Dreamcatchers are often made in macrame and have some small details in pearls or feathers, typically Mexican.

Colorful rugs

The colorful carpets are a mexican must, especially the satraps (very colorful embroidered carpet rugs). Bring pep's to your interior with a bayadère woven carpet that goes as well with a raw and industrial decor as with a more ethnic decor.

Make way for cacti!

One sure way to bring the sun into the decor is to introduce plants that make you travel. Succulents and cacti are an integral part of the Mexican flora.

Whether you choose them in mini or XXL format, cacti are easy to care for and find their place in any room of the house. Install them in terracotta or ceramic planters with geometric, Mexican patterns or in macrame suspensions.

If you really don't have a green thumb or you don't want to have plants at home, you can fall back on decorative objects with a cactus motif: lamp, trinket, cushions, posters, etc.

The calaveras

Calaveras ("skulls" in Spanish) are very important symbols in mexican culture. They are emblematic of the Day of the Dead, or Dia de los muertos

Calaveras are therefore skulls often colored and covered with drawn symbols. Among the symbols often represented, there are flowers, plants or even hearts.

These skulls are far from gory, and are much less morbid than a simple skull. In mexican decoration, they can be found in the form of a ceramic skull, placed on a table or shelf. You can also find them on bed linen or on posters.