The best way to organize your freezer

The best way to organize your freezer

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How long to keep food frozen?

For a better view of the contents of your freezer, we group similar foods (like vegetables here)  

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it seemed important to remember the storage times of the most common foods in a freezer. These expiration dates are precious indicators for managing your stock and therefore your organization.

  • For fruits and vegetables : keep your food between 6 and 12 months.
  • For meats : keep your food between 6 and 8 months.
  • For fish and shellfish : keep your food between 3 and 4 months.
  • For bakery and pastry : keep your food between 1 and 2 months. Remember to update a list of the contents of your freezer. The latter being less open than the refrigerator used daily, we tend to forget the stored food. By having an updated list on your smartphone or on the door of your device, you better control your consumption and prevent mess.

Group by categories

Unlike the refrigerator, the freezer has a constant temperature. It is therefore not necessary to place your food according to optimal storage conditions. The freezer space can be organized according to your needs or your own logic. However, this organization requires a few rules, in particular being understood by all the people living in your house. If for example you have decided to organize your food by color (why not), let people know otherwise your organization will not last long. To make things easier, use sticky labels detailing the type of food. More common storage can also be considered: you can for example group meat and fish, put the vegetables together and reserve another drawer for desserts. First of all, you have to think about this organization according to the space available. If you have three drawers or five freezer drawers, your procedure will be different.

Never without his label

Serious Eats offers a detailed method for properly freezing its products (in English)  

To avoid being confronted with unidentified foods, you absolutely must have the label reflex. Any food, sachet or box entering your freezer must be carefully referenced. In this regard, there are labels intended for this kind of use since their glue remains adhesive even with temperatures below 0. If you like the tips of grandmother, it is also possible to stick your labels with a little of beaten egg which allows an impeccable holding in the freezer. Finally you can also choose to annotate directly on your sachets and boxes with a permanent marker (in this case, your containers are for single use). What information is essential to report on your frozen products? There is obviously the name of the product because it happens that dishes frozen for a long time are difficult to identify (recognizing a dish in sauce is not so obvious). Then it is necessary to note the date of manufacture or freezing of the product since the fact of freezing a product does not assure him an eternal life as we evoked previously. You can also enter the expiration date of your product which is an even clearer indicator. Finally it may be interesting to indicate the proportion for better management. By entering the weight or the number of people, you ensure better management of your stock.

The right way to freeze

Let's come to how you freeze your food. In the case of the boxes that you have filled yourself, things seem obvious. You just have to put them in your freezer (taking care to keep your categories logic). The only advice we could give you is to be in possession of boxes of different capacities so as not to unnecessarily fill your freezer. In the case of freezer bags, there is an efficient way to store your food in your freezer. To save space but also to ensure better freezing (and thawing), it is advisable to lay the food flat and freeze it as well. In this way even the dishes in sauce will be much less bulky. The only recommendation is then to use bags whose closure is really airtight to avoid unpleasant surprises. A final solution is to use a vacuum device which also prevents cold scorch (which causes white spots on the surface of your products).


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