So, rabbit, chicken or Easter fish?

So, rabbit, chicken or Easter fish?

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As Easter approaches, animals invade the decor and the windows of the chocolate makers. But what does this great landing of hens, chicks, rabbits and fish of all kinds mean? Far from being simply decorative, they are the true symbols of Easter, Christians, pagans… or both! Zoom on these funny animals that populate our Easter decor!

Easter hens, chicks and eggs

If Easter is a great religious holiday, during which Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ and the Jews the Exodus from Egypt, it is also for millions of children the feast of chocolate eggs, chickens and chicks… Would exist there a link between an egg hunt and the Christ resurrection? And yes ! Because if the Romans and the Egyptians already celebrated the return of the beautiful days by offering decorated eggs, this custom resumed service in the Middle Ages, when the eggs which had not been consumed during Lent were too abundant to all be eaten. They were then decorated as a symbol of fertility and renewal. But it was not until the 19th century to break Lent by tasting the first chocolate eggs! 10 ideas to decorate your Easter eggs

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The Easter egg or chicken?

The Easter Bunny, a tradition from Germany

But who puts the chocolate eggs in the garden? Throughout southern Europe, children were told that these were the Easter bells. As they hadn't been ringing since Good Friday and they sounded all the time on Easter Day, legend has it that they left for Rome, and that they fly back, dropping the precious treats in their path. But in eastern France, as in all Germanic and Anglo-Saxon countries, it is not the bells which bring the eggs, but a rabbit or a hare which also symbolizes the fertility of spring. So, will the pagan rabbit eventually dethrone the Roman bells? The debate is open ! Our Easter bunny ideas

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The Easter bunny also conquered America!

Fish, a Christian symbol

But what went through the minds of chocolate makers to garnish their Easter eggs with small fish, shrimp and other crustaceans in chocolate on Easter day? This "frying" simply refers to the miraculous peaches told in the New Testament. Paradoxically, it is certainly one of the most religious symbol of Easter, because it evokes at the same time the symbol of the Christians at the time of the persecutions, the miracle of Jesus and his resurrection. So, are you more like a chicken, rabbit or fish?

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A miraculous fishing… and delicious!