The art of exploiting every corner in the kitchen

The art of exploiting every corner in the kitchen

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If a spacious and airy kitchen is a dream for many of us, few homes have it. All is not lost! With a little bit of mischief and a lot of daring, you will learn to exploit every corner available in a cramped space. Thanks to our tips, your little kitchen will look great!

Built-in, the miracle solution to create space in a small kitchen!

If your little kitchen lack of space , learn how to create! To achieve this, it is enough to skillfully exploit the well-known principle of Russian dolls. In other words, one piece of furniture can cleverly hide another, as long as you have mastered the art of embedding the elements. The most astonishing example is to house a washing machine under a bar counter, as here with this achievement to find on! This tip, particularly suitable for small studios, should not fail to seduce you!

Neither seen nor known, the washing machine is hidden under this ingenious worktop!

Fold for better storage in a small kitchen

From bikes to camping tents, there are many foldable accessories that are part of our daily life! This trend is now entering the heart of our small kitchens. If the foldable table that is folded on the wall is one of the classics, other more unusual objects master the art of making themselves small! A foldable drip tray can thus easily be stored once the dishes have been dried. But the prize for ingenuity goes to the foldable electronic scale, developed by the Joseph Joseph brand. The small size of your kitchen will no longer be an excuse for refusing to put you in the kitchen!

Also think of foldable accessories, like this handy digital scale!

In a small kitchen, we favor multifunctional accessories

If the surface you have in your kitchen is reduced, opt for smart utensils that serve several functions. By avoiding multiplying objects, you will naturally reduce clutter in your little kitchen . Rather than buying a classic colander, for example, invest in an all-in-one model, containing a dosing cup, a bowl and a spout. You would have understood it,take advantage of every corner of your kitchen suppose to be a little inventive!

These 9 kitchen accessories are one when it comes to storage. Well done !